Paranoia, hubris and hatred in the post 4/21 era
On Fornication And Genetics in The Breedster Age

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We all know that Breedster has changed dramatically since the tragic events of April 21, 2004.

Members, as they adjust to their world post 4/21, are trying to come to terms with constant new assaults on their basic motives causing a prevailing emotional undercurrent in Breedster of anxiety and paranoia. They watch wistfully as the pre-4/21 Grid drifts away on its raft of memory, cast in Technicolor shades of nostalgia.

How do we move from anxiety to action? From insecurity to confidence, from torus-wide paranoia to collective poise?

Background material

sexually transmitted disease since 2004-04-21

pathogenic infection in digestive tract since 2004-04-21

population since 2004-04-21

demographics on 2004-05-22 (age in days, grouped by gender)