On Fornication And Genetics in The Breedster Age
Zero Content Symposion 2004

Proceedings from the Second First Zero Content Symposion 2004 (2004-05-22) hosted by alt0169 trendbeheer.

  1. Opening remarks
  2. The copulogram as a means of visualising the social network: We are not our maps
  3. The toroidal universe: New data, new debate
  4. Meaningfulness and motivation: Microcommunities and mobs
  5. Paranoia, hubris and hatred in the post 4/21 era
  6. New ~insights in the epidemic potential of pathogenic causative agents in heterogeous communities through outbreak investigation by fluorescence spectroscopy
  7. Q&A, Adjourn

Panel members: alt0169.com, drunkmenworkhere.org, lfs.nl, zidouta.com and zutman.be.