The object of the game is to claim territory by sealing off areas with your marker. You must avoid your enemies: the Qix, Sparx and the Fuse. If you run into any of these enemies, you lose a life. The game is over after 3 lives. To start a game, press the space bar. To complete a level, you must reach or exceed a threshold percentage (75%).


You have to draw Stix to seal off areas of the Qix's territory. Normally you can only move around on the border of this territory with your arrow keys. To enter the unclaimed area you have to press the Z key to draw fast or the X key to draw slowly. Once an area is claimed, you score points. Areas you conquered slowly will give you double points.


Your main opponent is the Qix. The Qix is a multicolored helix that whirls erratically around the unclaimed territory, to attack your Stix. If the Qix touches any part of an incomplete segment, you lose a life. Once the area is claimed, it is safe: the Qix can't touch your marker on the border.

From the third level on you will have to fight two Qix. When you split these Qix, all points you win in the rest of the game will double.


Two Sparx patrol the border of the unclaimed territory, each traveling opposite directions from the top of the screen. When time is up (indicated by the decreasing red time line) two new Sparx will appear. If time runs out again, you will hear a signal and all Sparx will become Supersparx. Supersparx will follow you while you are drawing Stix.


As soon as you stop drawing Stix in unclaimed territory, a Fuse appears at the beginning. The Fuse crackles as it moves toward your marker. To stop the fuse in its tracks, press the Z or X key and start drawing again. If you stop again, the fuse reignites where it last stopped. Since the Stix you draw can not intersect itself, you should avoid drawing spirals: they will become death traps with the Fuse coming after your marker.


If the area of the territory you claimed (indicated by the left percentage) exceeds the threshold (75%, indicated on the right) the level ends. Every percent over the threshold will give you 1000 bonus points.


Strategy is a key element in this game. It is profitable to seal off large areas slowly. And remember that a short border will result in more frequent visits from the Sparx.

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