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What is the Drunk Men Work Here Weblog Service?
The Drunk Men Work Here Weblog Service is a free service for anyone wants to publish a weblog, or an online journal, on the Internet. You can choose to publish whatever you want, how often you want and from wherever you want: actually you don't even need an Internet connection to publish on your weblog. Drunk Men Work Here provides the technology to write and publish your own journal.

We're here to provide you with the best service possible!
What is a Weblog?
Your weblog is your space to express yourself, to keep in contact with far-flung and neighbourhood friends and to make new acquaintances. Think of it as a public journal where you can share your passion, vent your spleen or just wonder what it's all about. You can do this all on drunkmenworkhere without needing to know any HTML or other techy gobbledegook.

Weblogs have a standard format: like a diary we date every entry and present them with the most recent first. There is a space for other web surfers to leave comments (agreeing with you, or maybe not) on each of your entries.

A blog can be about anything. Your feelings, the food you ate yesterday, the latest sports news, funny links, anything at all. And you don't even need any imagination to create your Drunk Men Work Here Weblog, because of our Zero-Click™ posting technology, which you won't find anywhere else!
What does it cost?
This is the best part: it's free! And it's jam cram loaded with great features:
How do I get one?
It's easy: fill out this form and click 'create account'. Take special care to select the correct content categories, since these settings will reflect your online personality through our Zero-Click™ posting technology and cannot be changed once you've created your weblog.
Remember you login name and password to redesign you site in the future!

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