Open as many pop-up windows as possible in 60 seconds.

The number of pop-ups depends on the link you click:

Orgy - 5 pop-ups
Group - 3 pop-ups
Midgets - 2 tiny pop-ups with scrollbars
Amateur - 1 pop-up
Mature - closes the window when clicked, but will generate 2 pop-ups automatically after 10 seconds
Watersports - creates 2 new pop-ups when closed, no pop-ups when clicked
Pregnant - opens a full screen window
Anal - dead end, no new pop-ups

Do not click a link twice, this wil result in Anal links.

Note 1: Close old pop-ups when you start a new game.
Note 2: This game may crash your browser.
Note 3: Disable your pop-up killers.

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